Performance Art’s School of ChicagoUniversity of Michigan
Chicago, Illinois   2004    

The Performance Art’s School project portrays how the object or architecture can ‘express’ or ‘perform’ -  the set of stools are designed to be used in many different ways depending on how a group wants to come together, and the trace of these used stools show the ‘performance’ of the objects. The instrumental storage cases with different sizes and proportions are built in the facade to create a volumetric expression of the instruments in an orchestra, giving an identity and character to the ‘performance art’ school.

The site in Chicago has a railroad system elevated about 20' feet above ground, and creates many alley conditions in the city. The Performance Art school re-creates an alley space as the main circulation. The other programs are considered alley spaces with different proportions that dissolve and blend into the main alley space in the building.