New Gwanghwamun Square International CompetitionSeoul, South Korea   2019

Illuminating the Ground - The existing condition of the Gwanghwamun site is defined as a linear ground surface. This linear square comes from the historical road Yukjo-daero from Chosun dynasty, and starts from the Gwanghwamun gate down to the intersection of Saemunanro Road. The site of the Haengrang, which is the wall that outlined the historical road Yukjo-daero is emptied out to enlighten the historical significance of a continuous linear square. Along the ca. 550m linear length, five void spaces are placed to recess the ground surface which will enable wind and air circulation. These void spaces in the ground surface will encourage light and people to experience the underside of the ground. The concept of the proposal, `Illuminated Ground` is to uncover and re-illuminate this `ground` to create experiences not converging to a single point nor view, but rather emphasizing the experience of meandering on multidimensional moments.