Reference Project -
Quartier Heidestrasse
EM2N Architekten

Berlin, Germany   2020

To create a lively commercial and residential district in Berlin, the masterplan of ‘Quartier Heidestrasse’ proposes a neighbourhood, which is build upon a mixture of different buildings and architecture rather than a single large building. The industrial history of the place, which was composed of warehouses, factories and railway buildings, offers a starting point for juxtaposing different types of buildings to create a new typology for the Berlin Gewerbehöfe (commercial buildings). A family of ten independent buildings create a framework for new life along Heidestrasse. The row of simple commercial buildings is accentuated by slender highrises, which are placed inbetween them. The Headquarter building at the southern end facing Nordhafenplatz becomes an urban accent by  corresponding with its dimensions to the open space in front.